Orr: My Story

Bobby Orr, who is often referred to as the greatest defenseman to ever lace up the skates, is another hockey legend with a captivating memoir. In Orr: My Story, Bobby Orr reveals what inspired and motivated him to reach the top of his game. In this memoir, Orr reveals many life lessons he’s learned as he was propelled from small-town Canada into the media spotlight. Full of captivating stories from his career and lessons he’s learned along the way, Orr’s unique memoir is one of the best hockey books that any hockey fan would enjoy.

The NHL legend tells his story from his Ontario childhood to his years with the Bruins and Blackhawks, to today.  New York Times Bestseller! 

Bobby Orr is often referred to as the greatest defenseman ever to play the game of hockey. But all the brilliant achievements leave unsaid as much as they reveal. They don’t tell what inspired Orr, what drove him, what it was like for a shy small-town kid to suddenly land in the full glare of the media. They don’t tell what it was like when the agent he regarded as a brother betrayed him and left him in financial ruin. They don’t tell what he thinks of the game of hockey today.

Now he breaks his silence in a memoir as unique as the man himself…