Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby’s autobiographical book about his relationship with Arsenal FC epitomizes the life of a football fan like no other. If you’re hesitant to read this book because of the horrible 2005 film starring Jimmy Fallon as a fan of the Red Sox, you’re making a massive mistake.

A brilliant memoir from the beloved, bestselling author of Funny Girl, High Fidelity and About A Boy. 

In America, it is soccer. But in Great Britain, it is the real football. No pads, no prayers, no prisoners. And that’s before the players even take the field.

Nick Hornby has been a football fan since the moment he was conceived. Call it predestiny. Or call it preschool. Fever Pitch is his tribute to a lifelong obsession. Part autobiography, part comedy, part incisive analysis of insanity, Hornby’s award-winning memoir captures the fever pitch of fandom—its agony and ecstasy, its community, its defining role in thousands of young men’s coming-of-age stories. Fever Pitch is one for the home team. But above all, it is one for everyone who knows what it reallymeans to have a losing season.